LBA Music Lessons

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Students enrolling in music lessons must register for the entire semester. Students may not drop out of lessons before the semester ends unless they withdraw from school. Semesters are August-December and January-May.


Payments with cash or checks can be made through the school finance office; credit card and ACH payments will only be accepted through the FACTS portal. Payment is due at the beginning of each month. Fees are not given per lesson but are considered to be a monthly school fee. Lessons will not continue if payment is not made by the end of the month. Fees will be the same amount August-May. The summer months consist of June & July.


Lessons are conveniently scheduled during school hours. Because of the large number of students being taught and taking into consideration the teacher’s daily schedules, lessons will not be rescheduled if a student is absent the day of their lesson. There will be no lessons on days that there is no school.


Students are required to bring their music and instruments to lessons each week. Failure to remember the instrument/books will result in no lessons that week.


High School students will receive a credit for taking Band Class; therefore, they will receive a grade on their report card. To prepare for this credit, all Beginner, Intermediate, and Varsity Band members will receive a grade. There are specific requirements for each band group, which the band director gives. Attendance and practice times are required; not meeting the guidelines will affect the grade.

Music students will have many opportunities to perform in weekly school chapel services, school
programs, and music recitals. Thank you for registering your child for LBA music lessons.

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